3 Tips For Preventing Vehicle Rust

Your car is the only thing protecting you in the case of an on-the-road accident. The more solid and sound your car is, the more of an impact it can absorb. When a vehicle is rusted out, meaning the sides of rust and corrosion are actually visible to the naked eye without getting underneath the car, this level of safety decreases. 

Here are three simple ways that you can maintain your vehicle so that it resists excessive rust damage and can protect you as much as possible on the open road. 

Wax On, Wax Off

Wax can be an extra layer of protection between your car's surface and elements that can contribute to rust, such as snow. If your live where there is heavy snow throughout much of the year, try waxing your car right before snow season begins. Be sure to schedule regular times throughout the year for you to have your car's exterior cleaned and waxed. You may also wish to apply a rust inhibitor spray to your vehicle for extra protection.

Where The Rubber Meets The Floor

Put down rubber mats so that your floor is protected. When it snows or rains heavily in your area and you get into your car, a carpet vehicle floor will simply absorb the moisture that it comes in contact with. This means that whatever rain or melted snow there is from your shoes gets a chance to seep down through the upholstery and onto your floorboards which can initiate the rusting process. 

Scrub A Dub Dub!

Get your car washed on a weekly basis whenever the temperature in your area is 32 degree Fahrenheit or 0 degree Celsius. This keeps dirt, salt, and other particles that can help invite rust off of your vehicle's surface. Be sure that the car wash that you go to has a machine that will wash your undercarriage as well, since a car's undercarriage has the most rust-vulnerable parts. 

NOTE: Water at car wash establishments should always come straight from the water company. If a car wash is just recycling the water from other cars who came in before yours, you may be reapplying salt to your car's exterior. This would defeat the purpose of getting it washed in the first place. 

Even adopting one of these methods for regular car maintenance can help drastically decrease the amount of money you will have to spend repairing or replacing rusted out pieces of your vehicle's exterior. Use all three of these tips at the same time and you can stave off rust for years to come.