Windshield Accessories For Better Vision

As hard as it may be to believe, windshields used to be optional on cars. Drivers often wore goggles that protected their vulnerable eyes but these were difficult to keep clean. Windshields have long been required on vehicles to protect you from debris, but despite many improvements in their safety, they still need a variety of accessories to keep them clean. Fortunately, you have many innovative products available to help you with this important task.  

Windshield Wipers

After years of using a standard version of wiper that had a rubber blade and a frame, you now have the option of beam blades, which have spring steel inserted into the rubber so that  they need no frame. As a result, they can apply even pressure on your curved windshield to keep it cleaner, enhancing your view of the road.

Heated wiper blades are also an option. They plug into your car's interior power, and the blades stay clean while melting the snow and ice from your windshield. These wipers can prevent your winter driving from becoming a nightmare of viewing the road between frozen smears on the windshield.

Soon, windshield wipers may be replaced by ultrasonic force fields, which sound like the stuff of science fiction but are currently under development. Using "electronic vaporization" of water is one way to create the force field effect. In short, the outside of your windshield may soon take care of itself, curing most of your driving vision difficulties.

Windshield Interiors

You may not realize how much the dirt on the interior side of your windshield is affecting your vision. Using window cleaner often adds streaks to the already dirty surface. Employing a wiper made especially for the inside of your car can really clean things up and save you time in the bargain. Sometimes made with pivoting heads, these inside wipers cut through the gunk without streaking the glass. Also, manufacturers are producing specially made mitts that fit on your hand so that you can easily clean all the hard-to-reach places on your windshield's interior. You will be surprised by how much better you can see the road after using one of these devices.

Today's motor vehicles have safe, well-constructed windshields, and keeping them clean inside and out is always important to driving safely. Fortunately, you can choose from different types of wipers, like the inshield wiper, and interior cleaning products to make sure you see the road clearly.