Remove Mildew From An Aluminum Trailer's Exterior And Add Primer, Paint, And A Sign

If you recently purchased an aluminum trailer that has mildew on portions of its exterior, remove it by completing the steps that follow. Afterward, apply automotive primer and paint to the aluminum surface and add a decorative sign to each side of the trailer to advertise your small business and provide the trailer with a unique appearance.


  • automotive detergent
  • oxygenated bleach
  • water hose
  • bucket
  • wooden brush
  • deck brush
  • step ladder
  • handheld scrub brush
  • painter's tape
  • drop cloths
  • automotive primer
  • automotive paint
  • paint gun
  • lettered and numbered stencils
  • standard paintbrush
  • artist's paintbrush

Remove Mildew Stains And Dirty Residue From The Trailer

Add a small amount of automotive detergent and oxygenated bleach to an empty bucket. Fill the rest of the bucket with water. Mix the cleaning components until they are sudsy. Use a deck brush to apply the cleaning mixture to the outside of the trailer. Climb a stepladder in order to apply the cleaning solution to parts of the trailer that are not within your reach.

If any of parts of the aluminum are thickly encrusted with mildew stains, move a handheld scrub brush over them while applying consistent pressure to the cleaning tool's handle. Rinse the aluminum trailer's exterior with water once all signs of mildew or dirty residue have been removed. Wait for the trailer's surface to dry.

Apply Primer And Paint

Cover parts of the trailer that you do not want to cover with primer or paint with pieces of painter's tape. Pour some automotive primer into a paint gun's tank. Add an even coat of primer to the trailer's surface while standing several feet away from it. Aim the gun's nozzle directly at each part that you would like to cover while squeezing the trigger. Move the nozzle up and down in straight lines.

Once the aluminum has been evenly covered, wait for the primer to dry while you clean the gun's reservoir with soapy water. Rinse the reservoir out with water afterwards. Pour paint into the reservoir and apply a coat of it to the trailer's exterior. After the paint has dried, add a second coat to the trailer's surface if you would like the paint color to have a darker appearance.

Add A Decorative Sign

If you are going to be using the trailer to haul around business equipment, add a decorative sign to each side of the trailer that includes the name of your business and contact information. Secure stencils to each side of the trailer and use a paintbrush to fill them in. Use an artist's brush to cover fine details in each stencil. Wait for the paint to dry before adding another coat over the first one. Once the second coat has dried, remove the strips of painter's tape and stencils from the trailer's exterior.

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