4 Advantages Of Rolling Tarp Systems

As a driver, covering your load is top priority. Whether you're hauling lumbar, steel, or machinery, appropriate coverage is necessary to keep your cargo safe during transportation. A wide variety of tarps are available and it's imperative that you choose the appropriate size and material for your situation. It's also a good idea to choose a rolling, or sliding tarp over a traditional one. A rolling tarp system is powered by an electric motor, making it a more efficient solution. If you're looking for a tarp solution, here are four advantages of using a rolling tarp over a traditional one.

Keeps You Safer

Manual tarping requires you to climb onto the load or trailer to secure the tarp to the load. This puts you at risk of tragic falls from often uneven, or unstable loads. Whether conditions only serve to make matters worse. Traditional tarps are very heavy, and high winds and slick surfaces from rain or snow can be incredibly hazardous while trying to tarp your cargo. Regardless of the weather conditions, traditional tarping is the most dangerous job of a flatbed trucks driver, according to Washington State Department of Labor. With a rolling tarp system, you need only activate the electronic motor; therefore, you stay clear of the inherent dangers of manual tarping. 

Saves You Time

Traditional cargo tarps are cumbersome, time-consuming, and difficult to handle. That's why more drivers are favoring newer solutions such as rolling tarps. Because a rolling tarp is powered by a motor that does all the work, you will save a significant amount of time tarping your vehicle. Manual tarping can take about 30 to 40 minutes depending on the size of your load. Instead of fussing with a traditional tarp, you could be loaded and on your way in less than half the time courtesy of a rolling tarp system. 

Better at Protecting Cargo

Another advantage is that rolling tarps are better at protecting cargo. They're light-weight, aerodynamic, and versatile. Traditional tarps often let in moisture and dirt usually accumulates, which isn't ideal if your cargo consists of high-end electronic components, such as injection-molding equipment. Your clients will be much more satisfied knowing that their expensive equipment is better protected. 

Better For You

If you've ever manually tarped a flatbed, you know how rigorous it is and how hard it is on your back and shoulders. With a rolling tarp, you don't have to worry about putting such added stress on your joints and muscles with each run. The better physical shape you're in, the more productive and efficient you'll be.