Tips For Storing Your Car's Floor Mats When They Aren't In Use

Usually, your car's floor mats are probably kept on the floor of your car. There might be times when they aren't in use, though, such as if you swap out your floor mats based on the season. When storing floor mats that aren't in use, remember these things.

Clean Them First

Even with light use, car floor mats are going to be dirty. It's only natural because of what they're used for and because they come in contact with dirty shoes. When you're going to be storing them, though, don't store them while they're dirty. Dirt that's in your floor mats can be harder to get out later, and minor stains can become permanent. Thoroughly vacuuming your floor mats to get rid of dirt and then steam cleaning them with a carpet cleaner and attachment will get them nice and clean so they look great when you put them back in your car later.

Don't Store Them When They're Wet

If your car floor mats are wet because of wet shoes or because you've followed the advice above and cleaned them with a carpet cleaner, make sure you don't store them while they're wet. This can cause them to get a funky, mildewy smell that will fill your entire car and be hard to get rid of when you put your floor mats back in your vehicle. Instead, if they're wet, hang them up to dry thoroughly before you put them away.

Don't Roll Them Up

You might have thought that rolling up your floor mats when storing them is a good way to protect them and make them take up less storage space. Doing this can make them curl up, though. Then, when you put them back in your car, they might not stay flat like they're supposed to. Instead of rolling them up, store them flat or hang them up.

Keep Them Out of the Sun

Don't store your car floor mats in the sun, whether outdoors or near a window. Depending on how long it will be before you put them back into use, the sun can fade the floor mats while they're being stored. This can make them unsightly to look at and can even cause them to crack or show other signs of wear. Instead, store them in a dark place, such as on a shelf in your garage that is away from any windows.

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