Three Environmental Factors That Require More Frequent Car Detailing

Many vehicle owners like to have professional car detailing service once every season or at least at the end of winter. Others benefit from more frequent detailing services because of environmental factors affecting the automobile. Cars that commonly are in heavy traffic congestion should be thoroughly cleaned more often. The same is true for the opposite kind of environment: rural dirt and gravel roads. Having to park outside most or all of the time is another factor.

Traffic Congestion

Driving on congested roads in urban areas results in cars getting dirty quickly. The outside air is polluted with soot and smoke residue from exhaust. The substances get onto automobile bodies and also are drawn inside through vents and open windows. Getting your car detailed can help eliminate the issues that arise from these environments.

Dirt and Gravel Roads

It might seem that rural life would be cleaner, but this isn't necessarily true for cars. Traveling on gravel and dirt roads, especially at moderate to high speeds, kicks up a lot of dust. Wet roads turn to mud. The interior of the car becomes exceptionally dirty when the driver leaves windows down and rides with the vents open. 

Outside Parking

When a vehicle is parked outside a large amount of the time, the color gradually changes and the paint develops minute areas of damage. Manufacturers have improved automobile paint so it is better at preventing these problems. Nevertheless, continual exposure to ultraviolet light and ozone fades paint. Bird and bug droppings, tree sap, and pollen all can cause nearly invisible scratches and slightly discolored spots if left for a long time.

Detailing Service

Automobile detailing includes spot removal and hand-drying after the car wash. The technicians clean up any areas that still have a bit of dirt or other debris. They vacuum the upholstery, carpets, and floor mats. Typically, the mats are taken out of the vehicle for shampooing. These workers also damp-wipe the dashboard and other hard surfaces, along with cleaning the windows.

Having the vehicle waxed during detailing protects the paint from fading. Waxing also reduces the ability of various substances to stick to the metal. The owner can occasionally spray the car with a hose and easily remove dirt and debris. Wax usually is included with even the most basic detailing services.

By considering these factors, vehicle owners can make smart decisions about how often to bring the car to a detailing shop. They'll extend the lifespan of the auto body finish and keep the paint looking bright. The cleanliness of the interior will be impressive as well. For more information about auto detailing, contact a company like Car Toys.