How Remote Starters Can Add Convenience And Security To Your Vehicle

Remote car starters are not new to vehicles, but the technology used to integrate them into vehicles has changed in recent years. Regardless of how the systems work or are integrated, they still offer your vehicle value, convenience, and security when used correctly.

Remote Starting

Remote car starters have been optional accessories for most cars and trucks for many years. The system allows the vehicle owner to press a button on a key fob, or more recently, their smartphone, and start the vehicle before they are in it. This can be extremely convenient, but the car can not be in a garage when the system is used, so it is a good fit for people without a garage. 

This allows the car to warm up for a few minutes before driving it in cold climates. That can benefit the engine and running gear, reducing wear and ensuring lubricants flow correctly through the system. Because the engine is warm when you reach the vehicle, the heat can be left on, so the car is warm when you get it. 

On older cars or newer cars without factory systems, remote car starters can be installed with a few connections that splice a control box into the car's electrical system. The key fob is being replaced with a phone app that connects to the vehicle, but the system's capabilities are getting more advanced as well. 

Security And Safety

There is an added benefit to having your car running and ready when you approach it. For people who cross a parking lot in the dark at the end of a work shift, or are concerned about their safety, starting the car before you get to it allows you to go directly to the vehicle, get in and drive away without any delay. 

This could be extremely helpful for a retail manager carrying a bank deposit, someone who has experienced problems with harassment from another person, or anybody concerned for their safety in any given situation. Because the doors stay locked on the car until you approach and are controlled by the key fob or smartphone app, you can wait to open the doors until you are a few feet away, open the car, and immediately lock the doors once inside. 

Your local car dealer or automotive shop can add remote car starters to most cars and trucks if they meet the criteria of an automatic transmission and a fuel-injected engine. The type of system you choose is up to you, but discuss the options with the garage installing the unit to ensure you get one that will work properly and have the durability and features you need. To learn more information about remote car starters, reach out to companies such as Sun Stoppers